Seneca Dining Center

Seneca is an all-you-can-eat dining center located in the center of campus. Seneca features a variety of balanced and delicious meals throughout the day. Students can choose freshly made deli sandwiches, hot entrees, soups, vegetables, an extensive salad bar, grill items, and hot specials. As an extra treat, Seneca also offers a delectable desert bar.

Payment Methods: Meal Plan, Dining Plus, Mustang Money, Cash, Credit Card

Winter Break Hours

December 13: Open 7 am-3:30 pm
December 14: Open regular hours
December 15: Open 6 am-6 pm
December 16: Open 7 am-9 am for continental breakfast only

December 17-January 11: Closed

January 12: Open 5 pm-6 pm for dinner
January 13: Open 8 am-9:30am for continental breakfast. Reopen @ 11am
January 14: Return to regular hours

Regular Hours


Seneca Dining Center
Seneca Dining Center

(315) 684-6306

Seneca is Closed

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* The nutritional information provided has been compiled by several methods including, but not limited to, nutritional information provided by USDA and product packaging. Variation in serving sizes, preparation technique, sources of supply, product changes, as well as regional and seasonal differences may affect the nutritional values for each menu item.