Mustang Alley

Mustang Alley is located in the Student Activities Building (STUAC). This food court-style dining facility invites students to roam through the many food stations, choosing from an abundant assortment of foods. The Field of Greens area offers a variety of salads, paninis, wraps, sandwiches and soups. Our World’s Fare section features entrées that highlight flavors of the world. 3rd Degree Grill offers a made-to-order grill selection including burgers, philly steaks, quesadillas, buffalo chicken sandwiches and fries. Taste of Italy features a variety of pastas and sauces along with a daily featured item. The Brickyard Pizza area features a brick oven to bake our homemade hand-tossed pizza dough and top secret pizza sauce. Create your own unique pizza or calzone or enjoy one of our daily pizza specials.

Payment Methods: Meal Plan Equivalency ($5.75), Dining Plus, Mustang Money, Cash, Credit Card

Regular Hours


Student Activities Building
Student Activities Building

(315) 684-6673

Field of Greens Deli

Sandwiches, Wraps, Etc


Made to Order

Field of Greens Salads and Soups

Custom Salads



3rd Degree Grill



Brickyard Pizza

Made to Order



Taste of Italy

To Go

Grab N Go



* The nutritional information provided has been compiled by several methods including, but not limited to, nutritional information provided by USDA and product packaging. Variation in serving sizes, preparation technique, sources of supply, product changes, as well as regional and seasonal differences may affect the nutritional values for each menu item.